Worked like magic

I just wanted to let you know how much your acne cleanse set has worked magic for my face. I have struggled with acne since I had my daughter 5 years ago trying product after product, changing different habits etc, and after using the set for a few months consistently my face is almost completely clear. It has been such a game changer for me. Also I cannot get enough of your Sea Buckthorn serum, and appreciate all the little samples you include in my order. I love everything I’ve tried so far! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cierra S

Midnight vanilla Body wash

I am in love with the midnight Vanilla scent, it’s not traditional vanilla that makes you hungry. It has this incredible depth and wonderful chard quality to it.
The bubble bars are so fantastic! Kids love them, I love them. You need to try them:)

Stephanie Williams

I will never go back

I love Wildflowers White Willow Acne Soap!  I have been using it for almost a year and I won’t go back to regular soap.  All natural, smells great and my skin has never looked better!

Jessica P

Couldn’t train without it!

What I think of the muscle rub?  This product works incredibly.  I have been using this for about a year.  I use it after every workout and again the next day if I’m sore or tight.  It takes away all the tension in my muscles so I can move as if I wasn’t sore!!  Which is super helpful for me being an athlete that works out every day I need something that relieves soreness quickly!!  It smells so good and it keeps your skin so incredibly soft.  Definitely one of the best products I’ve used to be able to workout at an intense level everyday!  I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something that takes away tension and soreness fast!!

Faith M

My face shows the difference

I use the acne face bar, toner and face cream and it is amazing. I have very finicky skin and have tried many different products. This has worked the best and for much less than others!! 💕loving it Margaret!!

Caroline H

Quality Products and Customer Service

I purchased Balm of Gilead Lip Healer along with soaps and deodorant as gifts but kept the Balm of Gilead for myself. The quality is so much better than purchasing in store and I like that it’s made from natural products. Margaret is friendly and knowledgeable. As a bonus my products arrived quickly. I definitely plan to buy from her again!

Cindy Egan

Can’t pick a favourite!

Such an amazing company! It’s hard to pick a favourite product because I use so many! Shampoo and conditioner bars, lip scrub, lotion, THE SEA BUCKTHORN FACE SERUM!!! I love them all. The woman behind the brand is equally awesome. So thoughtful! She even made a ‘pet safe’ nebulizer oil for me to give as a Christmas gift.

Megan Painter

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