Complexion Miracle Bundle

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If you are looking to help transform the health of your skin, try the complexion miracle bundle made up of four of our most popular skin health products: Hibiscus Toner, Complexion Miracle Lotion, Charcoal Scrub, and Complexion Miracle Soap.

2 reviews for Complexion Miracle Bundle

  1. Caroline

    I use the acne face bar, toner and face cream and it is amazing. I have very finicky skin and have tried many different products. This has worked the best and for much less than others!! loving it Margaret!!

  2. Skye Rodgers

    Love these products! The lotion goes on so wonderfully silky smooth, and a little goes a long way. The Hibiscus Toner is very refreshing. The soap lathers really well without being too soft which I love because that means it will last a long time. The charcoal scrub has an amazingly fine texture and works great.

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