💕 Made up a lovely fresh batch of Balm of Gilead! Homesteaders polysporin.

Balm of Gilead has been used for at least the last century, but has its own roots in the Bible.

🌿 My favourite part of making this is that I can forage for my own cottonwood buds, infuse my own oil, and make my own salve. From tree to knee (if that’s what your trying to heal! 😉) No crazy ingredients, no preservatives, just healing from the Earth.

💫 It has amazing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-rheumatic properties making it perfect for athletes or for those who lead active lifestyles. It relieves the pain associated with sore muscles, bruising, general aches and pains, and arthritis.
💫 You can also apply this balm to bites, stings, rashes, burns, cuts, scrapes, dry scaly skin, abrasions, chapped skin, diaper rash, as well as eczema, psoriasis, and minor wounds.
❤️ I love it for my dried, chapped lips, heals them right up! I apply to the chest to rid of coughs.
➡️ Not for those who are allergic to aspirin tho, as it creates a natural salicylic acid when in contact with the skin.
📣 Let’s hear it for Mother Nature’s healing abilities! You go girl!

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