When I started making naturally derived products, it was for my family. I had it in my heart, that so many things mother nature offered could help us without the need to purchase mainstream health and beauty products.

Nature is the way…

For sure, in the beginning everyone thought I was crazy!! They were concerned that my products wouldn’t be up to Health Canada standards, like the stuff at the drug stores are.

I wasn’t concerned, I knew about everything I had put in there, learned about how to preserve items, how to properly package items etc. But their concerns got my attention. So I started doing some research.

Did you know that there isn’t actually any formal testing requirements for health and beauty products to be sold on store shelves in Canada? We do have some restricted ingredients, but companies don’t have test each individual product. That kinda seems crazy to me!

We also have a lot of things in our over the counter products that are banned in Europe and Australia, amongst other places.

Here’s a great list of some of the worst offenders:

Source: live-clear.com

Below is a great article to have a look at if you are concerned about potential hazards in your cosmetic products, with comparisons of different country’s standards.


So really, being able to control the ingredients in the products we put on our bodies, in my family, is paramount.

This just fueled my fires even more.

Learning about all steps…

I took countless courses on natural ingredients, cosmetic chemistry, product formulating, preserving, how to properly and safely use essential oils and other volatile ingredients.

I believe that knowledge is power. ✨

Just finishing up my Certified Master Herbalist courses, has given me the utmost confidence to know my products are safe for us to use. Also safe to sell to other with the same passion for healthy, safe products.

And World of Wildflower was born. A continued labor of love. 💞

I took courses from all over, you can seek them out if your passion for knowledge is as strong as mine!

If your interested in some excellent courses about formulating, check out this website. https://formulabotanica.com/ourcourses/

I have been an entrepreneur for a good portion of my adult life, so that wasn’t new to me, but there’s always a lot of unknowns when you start a business in a new niche.

It’s a slow and steady, wins the race approach I’ve decided to take. Makes sense, seeing how I’m a mother of 6, with lots on the go. But, I have to admit, even with my struggles, with web design, online store setup and licensing etc. My passion has stayed strong!

I’m still loving it! 🌼

😊 Everytime, I think of quitting, one of my clients will dissuade me, by sharing how one of my products changed their lives. Touches my heart!

I’m so blessed to have the best job ever!! Thank you to my hubby and my kids, family and friends for their awesome support.

And of course, my clients!! 💜 I have the best clients in the world, you keep me motivated, and going strong!!

Thank you!! 🥰

Peace ❤️ & Love ✌️


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