💪 With this intense hiking this summer, and my daily exercise/weight training, my muscles and knees are so sore! I suffer (in not-so-much-silence) for a while, and then wonder why I haven’t just reached for my arnica infused oil or lotion. It brings me so much relief, thank goodness!! It was a blessing to have some today!

I’m not really known for ‘taking it easy’ on my body when it comes to pushing my workout limits. I definitely need to pay better attention to what my body is saying, but when I have a goal, I just go hard. ✨ Adding in more yoga, stretching and rest days will also assist my sore muscles. I intend to do more of all these. But in the mean time, I’ll reach for my arnica.

🌿 Arnica has been well known for healing bruising faster by sending more white blood cells to that area. It reduces swelling & pain, because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory similar to the relief that would be given by over the counter NSAIDS. Asists arthritis sufferers with pain relief, and heals injuries such as sprains, strains and broken bones.

⚡It totally blows my mind that something so powerful comes from this sweet looking flower! 🌻

Of course you can make your own arnica infused oil, like me. Or you go to your local health food store and pick some up. Or…

➡️You can also now order my Arnica & White Willow infused Pain Relief Muscle Lotion right here on this very website! 😃

If you’re suffering, give arnica a try!

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