Hormones are essential to life. Within life however the constant fluctuations of hormone balances can cause much distress in the life of a woman.

With menstrual cycles comes moodiness, bowel disruptions, debilitating cramps and pain.

With menopause these hormonal fluctuations cause hot flashes, moodiness, trouble sleeping , headaches, and general body acheness.

There are lots of over the counter drugs to offer relief to symptoms, but is there a better way? Maybe through natural means? Yes! There is!

After tons of research over many years, I have discovered that there is relief to be found in plant infused oils and essential oils. Halajula!

When I developed this oil for myself, and my three teenaged daughters, I was constantly surprised by how well it worked!! I wouldn’t be caught without it! Major cramp relief, less headaches and not so much achiness. My mood swings are minimized, which I am sure everyone is thankful for! 😉

The alleviation of symptoms is also greatly improved with hydrotherapy. Using the balancing oil in combination with a warm shower, or a warm bath with epson salts is super helpful!

I’m encouraged by the fact that other people are also finding great relief with it! 💕 Love to embrace healing through natural means! 🌿

If you’re interested in trying out our honey-moon balancing oil, it’s available for sale on our website! ❤️

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