✨ Let’s not kid each other here, Christmas has become the time of year that we try to cram all the amazing family time we can, because for most of us our regular lives are so full, it leaves quality family time to just a few hours a week. I think this is the new normal, sad but true.

πŸ›οΈ We could say it’s the cost of consumerism, feeling though you have to be constantly connected to the cyber world, the effects of just trying hard just to keep your current position at work, or maybe it’s as simple as trying to keep a roof overhead and food on the table. It’s different for every family.

πŸ’« Some say it’s only the kids that suffer, I disagree. I think we all are suffering. As parents or grandparents, aunts and uncles and so on, we all need that time to bond with our family. They need us, but we need them just as much.

Especially our littles. They are graciously giving of their free time to bestow us with unconditional love and admiration. And as I believe, love conquers all. ✴️This can breathe new life into our overwhelming, over programmed existence. This unconditional love gets me through each day!

πŸ’• When I think back to my childhood it’s the people I was with, not so much the experience that I loved! Experiences are great, but individual memories have people attached to them.

🌟 Most of the stories I reflect on start like… ‘remember when Dad did that funny thing’, or ‘remember when Grams wore that crazy hat’. ‘Remember when Uncle Pat dressed up as Santa and surprised the little kids’.

πŸ‘₯ These are people making the memories. We didn’t need an itinerary, tons of gifts, an expensive destination holiday, the perfect Christmas dinner. It was in the funny and heartfelt actions of our loved ones that are set in memory for ever.

It’s our presence that makes the difference, being in the moment with our families. Interacting with one another. Not just a room full of people sitting on their own devices.πŸ“±

So in the next weeks preparation for Christmas, rest easy in the knowledge that being present, being available and being in the now will be enough to make amazing memories for the entire family. πŸ’•

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