Plant Pain Relief

So many of us are suffering from pain. Some of us it’s chronic joint and muscle pain, some it’s from sports injury, some arthritis.

But what it all has in common is that it sucks!

It hampers everyday life, helps to perpetuate the cycle of inactivity in some cases.

So, if your like me, you don’t want to be taking drugs all the time. I have two trouble knees, and I push through exercise regiment, but I’m awake a good deal of the night with muscle and joint pain.

Here’s a few options from the realm of plants to consider.

Wild Arnica


Arnica has been well reputed for being a muscle and soft tissue healer. And it’s got years of studies to prove it so.

Used since the 1500s, it is a inflammation, pain relief and soft tissue repair superstar.

It heals bruises fast, treats osteoarthritis, helps with treating carpal tunnel, relieves sprains, strains, muscle pain & other inflammation.

It’s even been used to help encourage hair growth! This is some wicked plant medicine!

Devil’s Club

Devil’s Club

New to me, introduced by my good friends, I had never heard of this plant before.

As I started researching it, I came across testimony after testimony about how amazing it is for pain relief. Most of these were from elder indigenous people who also take it internally for other benefits.

To me these indigenous elders are among some of the most experienced and invaluable resources when it comes to plant medicine. They have been using these treatments for generations.

It’s excellent as a salve for inflammation, pain relief, arthritis relief, neuropathic pain, postoperative pain.

I will say finding it and harvesting it is a pain in itself, but lots of reputable companies sell its oil and salves. Including us!

Right now I’m using our World of Wildflower Devil’s Club Salve. It is infused with both Arnica and Devil’s Club for extra pain relief impact. It’s been invaluable in helping with my pain!

Devil’s Club Salve

As always I will be looking to nature for answers. Researching, formulating, testing new things all the time. I wish you all the best in your pain relief endeavors and send healing and loving vibes your way!

Peace ❤️ & Love ✌️


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