I love my luxury bath products. What I love even more is having lux products that have healing, therapeutic properties. Indulgent and healing.

Totally my dream…

Not a lot of bath products out there have both these features. Why?

Because it’s expensive to make things truly therapeutic. And when it comes to these big companies, their bottom lines dictate their products.

I figure, that if I buy a bath bomb on say Amazon or something, and it retails $5, it’s a good deal. Usually these are pretty good at their job of fizzing up and smelling pretty, but there are a lot of question marks about how good for you the fragrances are. And I can’t be certain they are using safe synthetic fragrance. So I worry.

I’m pretty sure the key to enjoying your bath is not worrying.

So this is when I started to investigate bath and body products. There’s a lot of stuff in these I don’t necessarily want in my bath, or on my body. 😔

But I love them!! So what can I do?

Learn how to make my own products with therapeutic properties, as naturally as possible!

This is how all of the products Wildflower offers have started. I love to research and learn about healthier alternatives. Then I formulate them to have the biggest natural healing bang for the buck!

Naturally lux ❤️

Come check out some of our naturally derived bath products. One bath, and you’ll be hooked!


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