In general I think our society as it stands, has us really in a bad spot. Overwhelmed with information by social media and news, half of it fabricated and untruthful in nature. Not being sure how to sort it or process it all.

We feel to get ahead, you require countless hours of giving up all the things that in previous generations, they carefully cultivated to become their most coveted aspects of life such as family and friendship.

No doubt we are dealing with some truly unprecedented situations such as dealing with it being post pandemic, lessened job security, huge cost of living increases and learning to constantly adapt in a society where rest and sleep is not valued as much as productivity and earnings.

Our belief that we must leave our houses to have a break or vacation from reality hampers our ability to give our brains the mini break or mini vacay that it’s requiring to essentially reboot and regenerate our spirits.

Here’s a few quick and easy ways to give your brain a mental reboot!!

1. Meditate

I know everyone says to meditate, but in my experience it is actually the best reboot bang for your buck. A quick 15 minute of even guided mediation can really clear all the excess clutter out of your head and freshen up your outlook. Not sure you know how? Anyone can do it, your built to! Check out the link below for how to start.

2. Journal

You don’t have to journal about anything in particular, the weather, the colour of the sky, or go ahead and get down on paper all those things that have been driving you crazy about work lately. Confiding in the blank sheets of paper with pen is great for changing perspectives, and for being able to sort through all your thoughts and be able to discard the ones that are not useful to you. Give it a try. Feel your sensitive information will be compromised? Burn it or shred it after your done!

3. Float

Never heard of a float? How’s the time to try. This one is a take off on mediation, and perfect for those who want to pamper themselves a bit while rebooting. Essentially you are in a float pod (see below) and you experience sensory deprivation. Darkness, quiet, and totally relaxed muscles. At first you may be feeling like your mind is racing. Spending time alone with your mind can take a bit to slow things down. Just as long as you remember that you have nothing else to think about, and your just there to ‘be in the moment’, you’re doing it right. When you leave that pod after an hour, you’ll feel like a brand new you!
Float centers are located in many cities now!

4. Be With Nature

In most places where we live, there is nature to be experienced somewhere close. A park, a school field with grass, a forest, river or lake. If you can’t find one, then take a few minutes to sit outside and just look at all the intricate details of the sky. A reconnection to our planet plays a big role in how we feel, and often we don’t remember to re-energize ourselves with natures healing capabilities.

5. Get Moving

I know, when your feeling bogged down, exercise is the last thing you want to do, but the science is clear, when you get moving your body, your mood is elevated, your endorphins start to make you feel more alive. This can result in feeling more in touch with your authentic self, a relief from depression symptoms, and give you a more optimistic view of yourself and your place in the world. And honestly its just great to keep your body moving, so that in the future you can keep moving! The use it before you lose it adage holds true.

So if you’re feeling bummed out that a trip is not in the cards for you and you really need a ‘break’, give one or all of these a try. The more you implore these easy things into your everyday life, the better you will feel and the clearer you will be thinking.

Healthily and happily yours, Margaret 😊


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