When I first started learning about essential oils, they were not as popular and well known as they are today. I was just finishing up my training as a registered massage therapist, and was looking for ways to help get the most out the treatments I was providing.

I had no idea that the amount of time and hours it would take to even get a base understanding of essential oils. I couldn’t afford at the time to become an aromatherapist, but I took all the courses I could get my hands on to learn about how to use them properly and safely.

Hundreds of hours studying organic chemistry, distillation methods, cause and effect, contraindications, safe handling, safe blending for appropriate conditions, age groups and special situations.

Essential oils are amazing, and yet deceptively complicated. I still research and take courses whenever I can to enhance my knowledge base.

It’s all this information, research and trial and error that goes into creating a good blend. An effective blend.

Making sure you start with top of the line therapeutic essential oils. There is a science to that too. Knowing what constituents are part of which particular oils, and how the mesh with others your using.

After what is honestly years, I made blends I was happy with, that tested effective and safe.

So after all this work, it’s a really big deal for me to add something I’m personally endorsing and making publically available through my World of Wildflower store.

❤️ I’m so super stoked about our 4 brand new exclusive blends!!! So loving them all!! ❤️

✨ Reaching the Summit is a blast of energy, as invigorating as when you hit the top of that mighty peak and breathe in the exhilaration of accomplishment.

✨ Clear of Mind is specifically designed for people who suffer from ADHD, anxiety or copious amounts of stress. Find relief in being able to finally focus and stay on target.

✨ Forest Raindrops is a brisk walk through the forest during a soul cleansing rain. Feel centered, renewed and a grounding reconnect with mother earth herself.

✨ Smart Study takes advantage of our olfactory senses to help with recall and memory while diffusing the blend during information intake and recall. An added bonus is that this awakening blend can assist in keeping you alert and mentally sharp.

💕 If that’s not awesome enough, we have a limited quantity of these spectacular necklace diffusers with your choice of 1(5ml) of our 12 exclusive blends for only $30 CAD!!! 💕

🌿 A portable diffuser necklace is easy and beautiful way to heal & nurture yourself naturally anywhere you go!!

I have only 4 of each diffuser design!

⭐ Our full line up of exclusive blends include: Mountain Air, Tranquil, Crowsnest Sage, Sunny Citrus, Citrus Paradise, Sleep Tight, Lavender Thieves, Lavender Pine, Reaching the Summit, Clear of Mind, Forest Raindrops, and Smart Study ⭐

🇨🇦 All made right here in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.

Available through the Wacky World of Wildflower Facebook group page or soon to be on our online store, right here on this site! 💕

Hope you have a fantastic week, and put your essential oils to work for you. They really are very effective medicine when used correctly.

❤️ Peace and Love ☮️

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