This last week my kids had the sickness. Nothing major, but a pretty bad cold that I now have. 😣

Most weeks I spend lots of hours working on my World of Wildflower business. It take a lot of time and energy, but I love it. Every once in a while something comes up and I need to take a step back. Usually I try and fight through it, exhausting myself to no end and just trying to ‘do it all’.

About two days into this 7 days of sick kids, I said to myself ‘enough’. I’m over tired, cranky, short tempered and have no patience for my sickies.

So I missed last week’s blog post, and ceased working on the business for the week.

I tended to my kids, I took a moment or two to try and get some fresh air, since we were experiencing some warmer than usual weather for beginning of spring in Alberta. It’s too nice at +17*c to not be outside a bit.

I also spent some time reflecting on the past few months and feeling a lot of gratitude for everything in my life.

I’m not sorry I took a break. My kids needed me to. My sanity needed it too.

I think it’s hard for people to halt life to take a few minutes, days or weeks to let their emotional, spiritual and physical well being recuperate from living a busy and hectic life.

I do feel from time to time, it’s totally necessary.

I really don’t believe that we were created to be on Earth to run ourselves into the ground constantly.

Working is necessary, working hard is necessary, but I think just as necessary is honouring our bodies and spiritual sides by enjoying the small wonders life has to offer, or allowing ourselves the time to heal.

A lot of what time you spend in reflection, gratitude and appreciation comes back to you from the universe in happiness, harmony and opportunity.

So if you’re feel like you’re drowning in the day to day grind, I encourage you to take a break. Reconnect, rebalance and recenter.

I’m sure glad I did! 😊

Have a great week!! ☀️

❤️ Peace and Love ☮️

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