I’m a tree hugger through and through. I love nature. We moved to the mountains to be more connected with mother earth and to learn from her. I research about plants in nature constantly, and make the most wonderful discoveries along the way.

I also love to find different sources of healing other than pharma. It made sense for me to start learning how to make my own health, beauty and cleaning products using naturally derived ingredients.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I made had to be wrapped in plastic film or packaged in plastic containers to ensure the integrity of the products.

I’ve be researching more environmentally friendly packaging, making some things that require no packaging. It’s been a long road to finding better ways of doing things in that respect. I continue to work on it.

Since I started my web based business, I want to offer clients the best, most effective products, at minimal cost to them. But I want to be supporting my goals of being environmentally responsible. And for some reason the super environmentally friendly packaging costs 4 to 5 times more to use than plastic containers that are recyclable.

So frustrating!

But as my search continues on, I am super stoked to announce that as of Nov 15, 2019, all our products like bath bombs, soap bars etc. are now being wrapped with loving care, in a totally biodegradable film!!! Yay!!!

I couldn’t be happier, that now my heart & soul filled, naturally derived products are making less of a negative impact on this wonderful planet, which provides so fruitfully for us.

Thank you all for your continued support ❤️


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